L’autoefficacia del coach: istruzioni per l’uso

Evento italiano / MasterClass

FACILITATRICE: Diana Aguiar Vieira

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L’evento è in inglese con traduzione simultanea in italiano

The masterclass focuses on the practical utility of the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model. Participants will be able to understand the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model and apply it to their professional contexts. After evaluating the level of their own coaching self-efficacy, a guided reflection on its implications for their practice will take place. Group discussions on how to enhance coaching self-efficacy will be facilitated. At the end of the masterclass participants will be able to make use of the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model components as a reference to guide their professional actions in the coaching field.

During the masterclass participants will be able to:

· Understand the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model

· Evaluate their own self-efficacy to act as a coach

· Compare their self-efficacy levels against a sample of Italian coaches

· Understand the importance of Self-Efficacy Coaching Model to practice

· Reflect and discuss real applications of the Self-Efficacy Coaching Model

ore 17.30 – 20.30 – DIGITAL EVENT

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Evento italiano

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